Celebrating 42 years of Excellence in Promoting

Welcome to my homepage !

HELLO!  I am Belle Bond, owner of BJ Promotions for 42 years.  I have been promoting Art & Crafts shows for 4 decades!  I have seen numerous changes in our industry, some for the better, some for the worse.  Over the years we have had to deal with Retail Merchandising Units in Malls, Import items, and other shows that have not lived up to our standards.

My Philosophy is simple>>>>>Give a great show at a reasonable price in a really good Mall.  Be professional and there to help my exhibitors and treat everyone equal.  That is what makes us stand out from all the others. 

People say "only the strong will survive" and how true it has been.  Many of the Malls do not have the traffic they once did, therefore making it more difficult to make our living.  We have always prided ourselves in accepting QUALITY exhibitors, with unique products, from all over the United States to display their wares for sale at our shows.  As the economy has dwindled over the last few years, so has the foot traffic at some of the  Mall shows.  OURS is a unique situation in the fact that Mall that we do, still has plenty of foot traffic and a customer base with the  desire to shop our shows.   This tells us that not only do the customers want us there, but the Mall Management is also happy to host our events. 

I will be promoting 4 shows at the Staten Island Mall in 2018.  This has been a very steady, well traveled Mall in the NY area with a huge percentage of shoppers that LOVE Arts & Crafts Shows.  Over the past 14 years, we have built up a clientel of people that look forward to our shows coming to their Mall.  The Mall is undergoing a huge expansion and renovation and when it is done next year, will be once again FABULOUS!

I have decided that I will not promote any other Malls with my Art & Craft shows, simply because they do not have the foot traffic we need or they are unwilling to work with us and give us more common areas in main flow traffic.  My people that work with me, trying to make a living must be my first concern.  I will not sell them space for a show, if it is not a good fit for our show.

So that is why I have decided to promote shows this coming year ONLY at the Staten Island Mall

Also, I will be listing shows that Woodwill Corp. is promoting on my schedule page as well. If we work together, that makes our shows stronger and provides all vendors with a bigger and better choice of quality shows.